Documentary imagery of artists in their studios and places of inspiration.
95 photo essays in 39 US states by Stephen Edward Kennedy.

About the Photographer

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"Years of photographic training and decades of experience in the field have taught me how to repeatedly capture the decisive moment in the camera. I am prepared to create an opportunity for a great picture in any location, at any time of day and in any circumstance."

Stephen Edward Kennedy - St. Louis, Missouri 2021

Cameras, lenses and lights are the tools I use to create my images.

Computers and imaging software turn the unmolded clay of my digital files into distinctive works that bridge art and commerce.

An eight-color archival printer turns my finished works into artist’s proofs and fine art prints.

Hard drives and cloud storage archive my image library for ongoing and undiscovered uses.

This symphony of technology transforms my vision into a documentary record. 

Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the trade